Army of Tennessee Mid War 
1st and 4th Missouri - Consolidated Infantry  
December 1862 - January 1864

Western Federal Impression
January 62 - April 65

Impression Guidlines

Army of Tennessee Late War 
1st and 4th Missouri Consolidated Infantry  
February 1864 – April 1865

General Guidelines

1. Only natural fibers (cotton, wool etc.) will be worn. 

2. Stainless steel is frowned upon, and visible stainless steel (i.e. plate, cup, cutlery, canteen, buttons and buckles) shall be avoided. 

3. Modern eyewear is prohibited. Most soldiers did not wear glasses, but period eyewear and contact lenses are both acceptable. If you wear contacts, conceal related items like saline in a pouch or ration bag. 

4. Modern wristwatches will not be worn. 

5. Plastic bags, coolers and other anachronisms, if used at all, must be keep out of sight at all times. 

6. Anything inappropriate for the time period or unit portrayed in a particular scenario must be avoided (i.e. Badges, Medals, etc). 

7. Modern medicine should be camouflaged by the use of tobacco pouches or tins. Officers and NCO’s should be informed of any existing medical condition and the location of your medicine 

8. All members will conform to the listed standards above. Officers and NCOs have the right to deem any uniform piece unacceptable in appearance or authenticity. 

9. The 4th Missouri will lead by example. This means a positive attitude & the desire to improve our impressions while encouraging others without judgment. We prefer to take the high road.